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Spear, Staples, Strickland, Talbot and Weeks 15
Nays. Messrs. Benson, Clark, Fish, Greene, Jarvis, Purrington and Severance 7
Sent down for concurrence.
Bill to incorporate the Hallowell Steam Mill and Boom Company was taken up & the Senate adopt the amendments proposed by the House and pass the same to be engrossed as amended, in concurrence.
Bill authorizing the city of Bangor to build a market house over the Kenduskeag Stream,
-"- additional providing for payment of costs in criminal proceedings,
-"- to incorporate the Muskongus Granite Company (as amended)
-"- in addition to an act regulating Judicial Process.
-"- to incorporate the Naraquagus Log-driving Company
-"- to repeal an act respecting lumber in the Mattawamkeag river,
Resolve for the payment of accounts against the State severally read the second time and passed to be engrossed, in concurrence.
Resolve authorizing the acting Quarter Master General to convey a lot of land & to dispose of the gunhouse in Wiscasset,
-"- making provision for the purchase of the Reports of the Decisions of the Supreme Judicial Court and establishing the title of said Reports,
-"- in favor of the Road from Brighton to


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