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Bill - An Act allowing costs to persons charged with crimes in certain cases, was read a 3d time and indefinitely postponed. Sent up for concurrence.
The Committee on engrossed Bills reported as truly engrossed - Bill - An Act to incorporate the Alfred Manufacturing Company -
- An Act to establish a Registry of Deeds for the Eastern District of Lincoln County
- An Act to set off George Hussey from Falmouth and annex him to Westbrook -
- An Act to incorporate the town of Linneus -
- An Act to incorporate the Norridgewock Female Academy -
- An Act to incorporate the Bangor & Moosehead Lake Stage Company -
-An Act to incorporate the Bucks Harbour Mountain Granite Company
- An Act to incorporate the Waldo Sullivan Granite Company -
- An additional Act concerning Corporations
- An Act in addition to an act respecting the collection of Taxes on unimproved lands, not taxable by the assessors of any Town of Plantation -
which were severally passed to be enacted. Sent up for concurrence.
Bill - An Act to provide for the education of Youth was read 1st & 2d time & Monday next at 10 oclock assigned for a 3d reading & 500 copies ordered to be printed for the use of the members.
Resolve in favor of the Road from Moosehead Lake to Brighton, was read a 3d time & indefinitely postponed, and the question was decided by yeas as follows yeas 94 nays 61. [See


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