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was read & referred to the Committee on Rail Roads and Canals. Sent up for concurrence.
Bill - An Act to incorporate the Alfred Manufacturing Company -
came from the Senate, that body passing the Bill to be engrossed without the amendment proposed by the House and the House recede from the amendment & pass the Bill in concurrence.
Resolve in favor of Israel Davis & Jacob Russell laid on the table by Mr Holmes of Winthrop, was read once & tomorrow at 10 oclock assigned for a 2 Reading.
Resolve in favor of Howland Academy -
- in favor of Warren Academy -
- in favor of Wiscasset Academy -
- in favor of Parsonsfield Academy -
were severally read once & referred to the Committee on Literature & Literary Institutions. Sent up for concurrence.
Mr Higgins of Exeter moved the following Order
Ordered That the Committee on Finance be instructed to report the usual sum for a State Tax for the current political year - and the House refused the same a passage.
Remonstrance of Jonathan Coombs Junr & others against the Vassalboro & Sidney Mill Dam Company -
were read & referred to the Committee who have the subject under consideration. Sent up for concurrence
The Committee on Bills engrossed report as truly engrossed.
Resolve in favor of the Belfast & Quebec Rail Road.
which was finally passed. Sent up for concurrence.


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