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may be granted, was read & referred to the Committee who have under consideration the petition of Sam A Morses & others.
Petition of John W Adams for a Military Pension was read & referred to the Committee on Military Pensions. Sent up for concurrence.
Remonstrance of John Dennet & others against the abolition of Capital Punishment - was read & referred to the Committee on Capital Punishments in concurrence.
On motion of Mr Hobbs of Eastport,
Ordered that 500 copies of the Opinion of the Judges of the Supreme Judicial Court on the question submitted to them by the Legislature at its present session, be printed for the use of the Legislature.
Notice was ordered in concurrence on the petition of Robert H Gardiner & others to be incorporated as the Kennebec & Portland Railway Company.
Bill - An Act to incorporate the Wells Mutual Fire Insurance Company, was read 1st & 2d time and tomorrow at 10 oclock assigned a 3d reading.
Bill - An Additional act to protect towns from fire, was 1st & 2d time & tomorrow at 10 oclock assigned for a 3d reading
Bill - An Act in relation to Petitions for acts of incorporation for any Turnpike, Canal, or Rail Road Company was read a second time & Tuesday next assigned for a 3d reading.


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