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was read & referred in concurrence with the Senate to the Committee on Manufactures.
Petition of Joshua Oaks for a grant of land, was read & referred in concurrence with the Senate to the Committee on State Lands.
An order came from the Senate instructing the committee on Public Buildings to enquire into the expediency of causing a sash with class, to be placed on the inside of the window in the Senate Chamber by the assistant Secretary's Desk - and the House concurred.
Bill - An Act prescribing the making or repairing Highways, was called up & referred to Messrs Wilson of Bingham, Lennan of Searsmont, Amos of Hermon, Taylor of Porter, Herrick of Leeds, Packard of Houlton, Foster of Amherst, Sanford of Topsham, Maxwell of Poland & Emery of Saco.
On motion by Mr Chadwick of Gardiner,
Ordered, That the committee on Banks & Banking be instructed to enquire into the expediency of so amending the Act regulating Banks & Banking, as to provide, that in Banks hereafter chartered with a Capital Stock greater than One Hundred & fifty thousand dollars, or Banks whose Capital Stock shall hereafter be increased to an amount greater than one hundred & fifty thousand dollars, that the proportion to be take by any individual shall be a percentage less than twenty percent of the whole capital stock - and modifying that percentage proportion to the Capital Stock of such Banks. Sent up for concurrence.
On motion by Mr Wardwell of Penobscot, Ordered.


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