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Bill - An Act to alter and define the criminal jurisdiction of the Judicial Court, reported by the Committee on the Judiciary, was read 1st & 2d time & Wednesday next at 10 oclock assigned for a third reading, and 500 copies ordered to be printed for the use of the members.
Remonstrance of James Stickney & others against the petition of Henry for a dam across Little River in Perry was read & referred in concurrence with the Senate to the Committee on Interior Waters.
A communication was received from the Clerk of the Court for Kennebec County, giving the number of committals &c in obedience to the Joint order of the 16th inst - which was referred in concurrence with the Senate to the Committee on Capital Punishment &c
Petition of Edmund Dresser & others and of Jonas Jewett & others came again from the Senate referred to the Committee on the Judiciary - The House receded from their former votes and concurred.
On motion of Mr Davis of Mt. Vernon
Ordered, That Messrs Davis of Mt. Vernon Shaw of Orono, Holmes of Alfred, Cunningham of Swanville, Bridges of Charlotte, Morgan of Sweny, Sproul of Waldoboro, Wait of Falmouth, Stanley of Dixfield and Hinds of Kingfield with such as the Senate may join be a Committee to hear Saco Basin [?] an Indian of the Penobscot tribe on the subject of his complaint.
Portion of John Attean & other Indians of the Penob-


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