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A Committee consisting of Messrs Parris of Buckfield, Allen of Bangor, Lord of Kennebunk, Gordon of Belfast & Stone of Brunswick was appointed to receive, sort and count the ballots for Speaker, who having attended to the duty assigned them, reported that the whole number of ballots given in was One hundred & seventy nine - necessary to constitute an election ninety -
Jonathan Cilley had One hundred & ten - Eliakin Scamman had fifty eight - Jonathan Smith had four - Stephen C. Foster had one - Virgil D. Parris had one - John Potter had one - and there were four blank votes - and Jonathan Cilley of Thomaston was declared elected and being present signified his acceptance & took the Chair.
On motion by Mr Cram of
Ordered, That a Committee be appointed to to contract with some suitable person to perform the duties of Assistant Clerk at a price not exceeding two dollars per day and report accordingly and Messrs Cram of New Sharon, Hubbard of Wiscasset & Meldrum of Wells were appointed said Committee.
On motion by Mr Smith of Westbrook
Ordered, That when the House adjourn it adjourn to meet a half past two oclock this afternoon.
Adjourned accordingly.
Met according to adjournment.
A message was received from the Senate by Mr Greene informing the House of their organization by the choice of Josiah Pierce as President and