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Saturday February 16th" 1828
[Bill - public treats on election days]
Bill prohibiting public treats on days of election came up with a proposition for a conference which the Senate accept & on their part appoint Messrs Williams, Dennett & Cushman Conferees [?]
[Bill N. Yarmouth Man Company]
Bill to incorporate the North Yarmouth Manufacturing, Company come up for concurrence and the Senate adhere to their former vote refusing the same a passage sent down
[Resolve Bowdoin College]
Resolve in favor of the Trustees and Overseers of Bowdoin College came up and the Senate committee the same to Messrs Williams, Cushman and Megguier.
[pet of J. Whitney & als]
Mr. Miller form the Committee on Parishes &c reported leave to withdraw on the petition of John Whitney and others Road and accepted Sent down for concurrence. Conc.
[Pet of E Foote]
Petition of Erastus Foote Attorney General for remuneration on account of extra services and expenses in suits against trespassers on undivided public Lands was read and referred to Messrs Kavanagh, Dennett and Meqquier to be joined Sent down for concurrence concurred and Messrs Redington, Fuller, Emerson of Portland, Robbins and Sayward were joined
[pet of In. Pl no 20 Bill - town of Adams]
Mr Dennett from the Committee on Incorporation of towns, on the petition of Inhabitants of Plantation No. 20 reported Bill additional to an Act to incorporate the town of Adams, and the same was read once and Monday 11 oclock assigned for a second reading.
[Resolve Northeastern Boundary]
Report of the Joint Select Committee on that part of the Governor's special relating to the North Eastern boundary of this State was taken up and unanimously accepted in concurrence with the House - Resolve relating to the


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