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the committee on Turnpikes, Bridges, & Canals for concurrence & the House concurred.
Report & petition of John Crane & others, taken from the last years files of the Senate, came from the Senate referred to the committee on incorporation of towns for concurrence - and the House concurred.
Bill - additional to an act enabling the owners of Meeting Houses to manage the Same, laid on the table by Mr Cobb of Durham on leave given him for that purpose, was read once & tomorrow at 10 oclock assigned for a second reading.
Petitions of Francis Morrell
of Burt Perry
praying for leave to change their names -
were read & referred to the committee on change of names.
Petition of Alexander McLellan & als of Gorham to be incorporated into a Society by the name of the Maine Mutual Fire Insurance Company, was read & referred to the committee on Manufactures. Sent up for concurrence.
Petition of Jonathan Matthews & als Selectmen of Monson that Lot Rider may be authorized to convey certain lands
- of Trustees of Bridgton Academy that their officers may be authorized to qualify each other - &c. &c.
were read & referred to the committee on the Judiciary. Sent up for concurrence.
Petitions of James M. Williams & als of Dixfield to be set off to Mexico -
- of New Sharon Musical Society to be incorporated -
Remonstrance of Solomon Leland and others agst the petition of James M Williams & als -
" of Daniel Barnard & als of 1st Parish in Bridgton
" of Robert Andrews -
agst the petition of certain Inhabts of Bridgton to be incorporated as a Parish -
" of Inh. of Mexico - agst the petition of James McWilliams &als
were severally read and referred to the committee on the